RISE founded in 2014 is a VRR group company which deals with infrastructure development, interior solutions and Real Estate marketing. The founders of this company have wide experience in the field of Architecture, Civil Engineering, operations and Project Management which is needed to provide highest quality service to customers. RISE encompasses customer driven approach to make sure every step starting from design conceptualization till execution is smooth by appointing highly skilled designers and project managers.

As a latest venture, RISE is venturing into High-end modular kitchen brand ValCucine which was founded in 1980 by Giovanni Dino Cappellotto, Gabriele Centazzo, Franco Corbetta and Silvio Verardo. With this brand we are looking to provide people with a world class product which is unique in design and technology. In India we strive to have the best for our homes and kitchens are the most used space. So we decided there is nothing better than providing an absolutely usable kitchen which are made with best quality material. You have got to see it to believe it.

We choose Valcucine as it is an environmentally friendly company which believes in the circular economy. Valcucine’s mission is balanced and sustainable development of the world and of its inhabitants. We were impressed by their motto we have a dream: “a waste-free world we felt this is what is needed for our country. With ValCucine it is not just a dream, the change is happening already. The units are easy to disassemble at the end of their lifecycle and have been designed to be 80% reused and 100% recycled. This company also gives respect for man real necessities like attention to functionality and to health (in terms of toxic emissions from furniture). Valcucine has an always progressing research on technological innovation to make it possible to dematerialise production. This research has resulted in the invention of products that cut the quantity of materials and energy used down to a minimum.

Our Goal is to provide a complete solution for kitchen so we have tied up with Kitchen appliance companies like Siemens, Miele, etc. We provide kitchens with counter tops, dadoing solutions, internal systems and appliances. We are a one stop shop for a complete kitchen.