1980 : BIRTH Valcucine was founded on 17th March 1980. The partners were Giovanni Dino Cappellotto, Gabriele Centazzo, Franco Corbetta and Silvio Verardo.


1981 : Centazzo designed the “Ghianda” model, the First door with a curved “soft line” edge and a handle recessed in the door panel

1983 : 5 STAGIONI The “5stagioni” model was presented in 1983. It was the First example of a modular “just-in-time” door in which the colour was added by means of a silicone trim (an absolute novelty). The “Mela” model was launched the same year, the First door in the world to be coated with PVC with the possibility of deforming the surface; another distinguishing element was the use of wood laminate on drawer fronts that were coloured in an exclusive way.



The “Artematica” kitchen programme was introduced in 1988 and is still in production. It revolutionised the kitchen door concept: it was the First door in the world to have an aluminium frame that was not visible from the outside, the First in the world with a layered, 5mm thick HPL panel, the First in the world in glass without a visible frame and hinge, the First with a system that conveyed water without wetting the door and the First in the world to be produced in wood and HPL in a single block.

From the point of view of production “Artematica” eliminated the Finished door warehouse and introduced the “just-in-time” production system. Valcucine formed a network of satellite suppliers with a quality and environmental-protection outlook (e.g. that used water-based instead of solvent-based varnishes).

1991 : SEMANTICA The “Semantica” kitchen model was presented in 1991 and was a new way of composing a kitchen by creating deFined blocks. “Semantica” replaced “Quadrifoglio” that had by now been copied by many competitors.

1993 : FABULA KITCHEN: THE FIRST KITCHEN WITH COLOURED WOOD AND DOORS INLAID WITH PICTOGRAMS. In 1993 the “Fabula” model was launched, the First kitchen with coloured wood and doors inlaid with pictograms. For the designer Centazzo, it represented the Mediterranean dream.

1996 : RICICLA KITCHEN: THE FIRST 2MM THICK DOOR KITCHEN PANEL. The “Ricicla” model was presented in 1996 with an aluminium framed door and a 2mm door panel. Being the First to adopt technologies coming from the car industry, it was possible to make a 2mm thick wooden panel that was as resistant as a 20mm chipboard one.

1996 : ADI INDEX. “Ricicla” was cited as one of the best Italian projects in the ADI (Industrial Design Association) Design Index.

1996 : LOGICA SYSTEM: A REVOLUTION IN KITCHEN ERGONOMIC. In 1996 a new kitchen ergonomics system was introduced (“Logica System”) launching the new 80cm depth with equipped back section, the “Libera” hood that freed head movements, the “Ala” wall unit with a door t hat opened and closed by exploiting only the force of gravity.

1997 : MAZZOTTI LITERATURE PRIZE. Valcucine became the ofFicial sponsor of the “Mazzotti” literature prize. In the years that followed, Valcucine promoted a series of cultural activities linked to its philosophy. In particular, it worked to publicise an environmental conscience based on scientiFic knowledge that made it possible to concretely improve the environment by means of positive actions and avoiding unconstructive and argumentative criticism.

1998 : BIOFOREST: THE FIRST ENVIRONMENTAL-PROTECTION ASSOCIATION FOR MANUFACTURERS Bioforest the no-proFit Onlus Association created by Valcucine

2001 : ISO 14001. Valcucine the First Italian kitchen company acquired the ISO 14001 certiFication

2002 : AERIUS: FIRST 100% ALUMINUM AND GLASS WALL UNIT. The wall unit concept was revolutionised by means of an aluminium and glass structure, a door in honeycombed aluminium and LED lighting (“Aerius” wall unit).

2006 : ALESSI AND VALCUCINE PRESENT LACUCINAALESSI. “LaCucinaAlessi” kitchen was presented during the Eurocucina ’06 exhibition, in an exclusive space outside the exhibition centre. This is a kitchen programme developed by permission and together with Alessi and designed by the architect Alessandro Mendini.

2007 : RICICLANTICA KITCHEN. Riciclantica kitchen model perfected the Ricicla product by updating its aesthetics and improving the disassembly of the doorframe, making it of a single material.

2008 : ARTEMATICA KITCHEN AT THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART OF NEW YORK. During 2008 Valcucine’s Artematica Vitrum glass kitchen has been displayed at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), in Cellophane House, one of Five on-site installations in the exhibition: Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling

2009 : INVITRUM: THE FIRST 100% RECYCLABLE BASE UNIT IN GLASS AND ALLUMINUM. Lengthy research into materials and into their limits of resistance have allowed Valcucine to revolutionise the furniture industry, making the First 100% recyclable base unit in glass of which some parts are in recycled aluminium.

2010 : VALCUCINE LIVING, ALL THINGS CHANGE. Valcucine declares its way of conceiving, interpreting and furnishing spaces by widening its horizons beyond the kitchen. An evolved environment made of varying geometric shapes directed towards newer and greater possibilities of use.


2011 : REVOLUTIONARY ERGONOMICS OF NEW LOGICA SYSTEM. After having revolutionised ergonomics by presenting the Logica System in 1996 with its 80 cm depth and equipped back section, removable jumbo drawers and wall units with Ala and Aerius lift-up doors, Valcucine in 2011 presented the new equipped back section. New Logica System: everything on hand, everything tidy in an instant.

2012 : SINETEMPORE. SineTempore, a kitchen conceived to express the values of tradition through the recovery of various ancient handicraft techniques, stems precisely from this emerging vision: pyrography, inlays, carvings and mosaics decorate the wooden surfaces, while bushhammering is used for the surfaces of the worktop back panels.

2014 : BACK AT EUROCUCINA after 12 years