Valcucine’s New Logica is a revolutionary new system designed to improve the interaction of Man with the kitchen. The most ergonomically designed kitchen system ever, the New Logica Equipped Back contains (and conceals) all the equipment needed in the kitchen.

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Artematica is the first kitchen door in the world to have a 100% aluminium structural frame. This makes the door extremely resistant to humidity, water, heat and impacts. It’s also 100% recyclable, uses 65% less materials than a standard door and thanks to its unique joining system, uses no toxic glues.

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Construction of the Riciclantica door is the secret behind its slim strength. An aluminum substructure (with the design integrity of a suspension bridge, the cross-section is beautiful in its own right) supports the door, and allows for 86% dematerialization. The doors are totally flush no handles or screw holes with a self-closing mechanism.

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SineTempore, a kitchen conceived to express the values of tradition through the recovery of various ancient handicraft techniques, stems precisely from this emerging vision: pyrography, inlays, carvings and mosaics decorate the wooden surfaces, while bushhammering is used for the surfaces of the worktop back panels.

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