About this product

Unrestrainable in its creativity, Valcucine destroys the barrier of lines and volumes giving vitality and expressive power to the surfaces of its most exclusive kitchen: Artematica Vitrum.

From an antique tradition, skilled master glassworkers in their workshops blow and shape fiery masses of glass with ancient tools, becoming the creators of refined beauty and the guardians of precious secrets. Valcucine nurtures thisbeauty culture with products having original shapes that are integrated with the recovery of local handicraft traditions and continuous research into innovative technologies and materials.

Artematica Vitrum interprets the quality of one of the most fascinating and ecological materials ever created by Man: glass. Just like skillful glassworkers used to look for metaphysical properties in the purest and most perfect mass of glass, Valcucine has designed Artematica Vitrum with extreme care down to the smallest of detail.

With Artematica Vitrum Arte, Valcucine has developed a special technique to transfer various inlaid drawing onto glass surfaces: this is an extremely hi-tech process that originates from handicraft tradition. The drawings are cut out from a special coloured film and applied by hand onto tempered glass panels that will become kitchen doors, tops and side panels. These decors are achieved patiently and painstakingly to make each single kitchen arrangement inimitable and unique.

The customised decors are not restricted to the fronts but can decorate side panels and the tops of work islands in the centre of the room, creating three-dimensional drawings to obtain a single, decorated volume. The inlay cannot be applied to kitchen woktops fitted with hobs or sinks.

Vitrum Arte has been conceived to allow architects and interior decorators to customise kitchen fronts using absolutely original drawings, letting their imagination and creativity loose: this is how exclusive projects that give the customer a really unique kitchen are born. Before being inlaid on glass panels the original drawings must be vectorized to obtain full colour backgrounds that are completely void of shadings or transparencies.

At the time the available colors of the ¬†Valcucine’s worktop are: cement opaque, matte canvas and matte black chalkboard.


The Dematerialised Aluminium Door

Artematica is the first kitchen door in the world to have a 100% aluminium structural frame. This makes the door extremely resistant to humidity, water, heat and impacts. It’s also 100% recyclable, uses 65% less materials than a standard door and thanks to its unique joining system, uses no toxic glues.


Almost Infinite Door Finishes

Artematica’s door panels, which are only 5mm thick, are available in an vast range of materials, colours and finishes. This includes colored tempered glass, water-based lacquer in 35 colors, a patented multi-layer HPL laminate in 28 colors and textures and a wide range of Italian timber veneers. The panels are fixed to its aluminium frame without glues, completely concealing the frame from the outside. And as Artematica’s panels have no edges that can come unstuck, they won’t swell or warp when in contact with water or steam.


Built to Last a Lifetime

Thanks to Valcucine’s meticulous development and innovation, Artematica is quite possibly the most durable kitchen door system ever created. Sturdy aluminium frames, tempered glass that’s harder than steel, light-weight doors that reduce stress on hinges and materials with near absolute resistance to water, heat and impacts are just a taste of Artematica. So sure of its quality, Valcucine guarantees all of its kitchens for 10 years, with any glass guaranteed for 15 years.



Considered design does not stop at the exterior. Valcucine drawers employ technology developed in the automotive industry to withstand a lifetime of frequent use. The sturdy, concealed carbon-finish runners glide silently and close softly – even when filled with a heavy load. Each drawer, which opens fully for easy access, is fitted with a tempered glass bottom panel and can be customised with a wide range of timber dividers, accessories and bins.



Each Valcucine worktop is designed around a recycled aluminium structural frame to which the tempered glass, steel, laminate, cristalite, Italian granite or stone top is added. The special shape of the frame makes it possible to drastically reduce the material required by up to 60% whilst still maintaining the bench’s water, heat and impact resistance.

Vitrum Arte

After three years of research, Valcucine has developed a technique to make inlaid decors on glass. A highly technological process that has its roots in handicraft tradition, Artematica Vitrum Arte makes it possible to personalise every single kitchen with decors offered by young artists, by the designer or even by your own creativity.